Come Home Shane

Oh Shane, what are you doing bud? I hope whomever you are with lets you read this.

I guarantee those that are reading this right now had falling outs with their parents. We disagree with some things they say and do. As a teenager we think we know everything there is to know. That we’re smarter and wiser. I’m 36 and still learning so much about life. Stuff that I should’ve learned as a kid I’m learning as an adult. You will never stop learning. But you need to understand that you’re fifteen years old…

This game called life is far from simple, nobody is dealt a perfect hand. When things get difficult, all you want is a free pass to make your problems disappear. Truth is, you don’t want this life to be easy, you want it to be complicated, confusing, and trying. You want to get hurt, heartbroken, and frustrated. Don’t fail to see the meaning of difficult times, they shape you, build you, and strengthen you.

While it feels like these tough times cripple you, they actually define your character. You can’t see the rainbow unless you’ve weathered the storm. Take away all these negative feelings and you wouldn’t have the positive ones.

Times will get hard, there is no denying it. This life will knock the wind out of you and kick you while you’re down. Some days are going to be really hard. Harder than you’d ever anticipated. These will be the days when you choke back tears. These will be the days when the world feels too heavy, and nothing makes sense. This life is merciless and unforgiving. You’re going to get hurt. You will have scars. When you’ve had all you can take and feel that there’s no fight left in you, continue to push through.

When life is hard, and you are feeling lost, remember that love is abundant. Life gives us infinite love. There will be times when love comes naturally, intuitively. Yet, there will also be times when love feels less fulfilling, and when loving yourself feels more like a chore or an obligation than it does a gift. At times your heart is going to ache, and you will have a pit in your stomach that lasts for what feels like an eternity, because you will believe that love is gone. But you will also find that there will be times when you will laugh until you cry, and times when your heartbeat will reassure you that you are surrounded by love. I am asking you to keep being patient and keep continuing to wait for these times.

Life is messy and love is messy. You’re still so young, Shane. But despite the mess, life will give you exactly what you need if you let it. Don’t get so caught up in the bad that you don’t make space for the good. Don’t let one bad day drag you down. One bad moment doesn’t mean a bad life. Just because you are crying today, doesn’t mean that you are going to feel this way for the rest of the month, or year. Feelings are like the moon. They change and move through phases. It’s okay to feel sad. Just as long as you know that sadness is a phase and that it is not permanent.

You are greatly loved. I can see it. All these people care, and if I didn’t truly care I wouldn’t be taking the time to write all this. I promise you, there are hundreds of people that care. But one above all is desperate to have you back home. Your mother.

When times are hard, make sure you continue to love. Continue to share your heart. Continue to give. And continue to cherish the little things. You still have so much life to live. So much time for things to get better. You don’t need to hold yourself hostage to the person you used to be, or the way you used to feel. Nor should you. Life is wonderful, and then it’s terrible, and then it is wonderful again. In the blink of an eye. Trust that it will get better. Know that it will get better. And above all, stay in your magic. Things will be okay again soon. I promise.

Celebrate the fact that you wake up each day and can feel, whether it be good or bad. Believe in the good of others, the mystery of life and above all else, believe in yourself. Never discount your ability to wake up each day and experience all the things that make life worth living.
Sometimes, life will be hard, but it will always be worth it.

I’m asking you to please contact anyone. At this point we just want to know that you’re well….

If you’re still worried about contacting home, you can call me at 949.629.7347. If you need anything, call me.

Serina Krawczyk
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